You are not characterized by your win/loss record. Your value, self-worth and identity are not tied to gold medals or state titles. You do not have the right to regret loss or failure. These things are outside of your control. What defines you is whether or not you get up after being knocked down. Your character is revealed through your pursuit to improve and as you strive NOT to make the same mistakes you made yesterday. We all struggle. We all have weaknesses. We all have to fight. Take care of what you can control. Listen to your parents, coaches, and mentors. Get to bed on time. Set goals. Don’t sacrifice what you want most for what you want now. And at the end of the journey if you’re not as high on the podium as you want you won’t regret not winning, you’re not allowed to. However, you will regret not giving all you have to give. You will regret not having been fully committed. Pour your heart and soul into your dream. Give all that you have. Don’t test the waters, jump in with both feet. Give up that one thing that is keeping you from success (only you know what it is). And remember always that results are God’s, but duty is ours.